Our Core Values

  • Always consider team before self

at Colorado Scaffolding we put our team member's, customer's and company's interest before our own. We are eager to serve others first.
  • Our job is to find solutions - not problems

We add value by working together to quickly and innovatively find solutions to all problems we encounter. Anyone can see a problem, but only people who are truly engaged and commited seek solutions.

  • We always strive for Above the Line behavior

Each one of us thinks, acts and behaves as an owner of our part of Colorado Scaffolding. While it is easy to make an excuse, blame someone else or deny our role in a problem, we rise above it by seeing the problem, owning it, solving it and then taking action. We learn from our mistakes always striving to make ourselves and our company better.

  • Always do right or best

When faced with a decision we are unsure of, always choose the right or best solution. We do this by asking ourselves, "What should I do that will best serve the customer, company and my teammate? This is my company, how do I want others to behave in this situation? Would I be proud to explain my decision to my teammates?" We value responsibility, accountability, honesty, integrity and truth.

  • No one is above any job that needs to be done

As a member of the Colorado Scaffolding team, I am willing and able to complete any task that is asked of or assigned to me. I see opportunities to contribute and add value. I know all my actions  contribute to making our customers raving fans of Colorado Scaffolding.

  • Productive communication

We speak positively of and with team members, customers and vendors both in private and public. We take responsibility for the responses to our communication. I speak directly and respectfully, in private, to the person with whom I have a concern.

  • Continuous growth and improvement

I look to continuously grow and improve in the performance of my job - always learning from mistakes. I know my pay comes from the results I deliver, not the effort I put forth. I seek opportunities to help my team members improve their performance, recognizing that I earn the right through excellence in my own responsibilities first.

  • We honor God in all we do

We know our business and our jobs are blessings from God and we serve as the stewards of His gifts. I always ask myself, "Will my decision in this situation honor Him who has blessed me?"


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