How much does it cost you waiting for a delivery that doesn't show up on time?

We know time is money, we guarantee* your delivery will be within +/- 20 minutes of our agreed to delivery time.

  • We guarantee 100% satisfaction* with the equipment you rent. All equipment is thoroughly inspected before we load it for you and upon return.
  • We guarantee* accurate counts. Equipment is counted with you at your site and at our yard.
  • We ensure an ‘OSHA-tomically' safe and accurate materials list.

All Types of Scaffold

  • ScaffoldFrame and Brace Scaffold
  • Systems Scaffold
  • Tube & Clamp Scaffold
  • Stair Towers
  • Baker or Perry Type Scaffold

Scaffold Plank

  • Scaffold PlankAluminum/ Plydeck Plank
  • All Aluminum Plank
  • 2"x10" Wood Plank (Scaffold Grade)
  • Aluminum Painters Picks


  • Mortar/ Plaster Mixers
  • Concrete/ Grout Mixers


  • Saws14" Gas Demo Saws
  • 14" Brick Saws
  • 20" Block Saws

Trash Chutes

  • Plastic
  • Scaffold/ Plywood Chutes

Power Pole Pump Jack System

*100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you experience a problem, we will make it right AND give you 10% off your next rental from us.

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